Title: Ultraman: Rising 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Action
Directors: Shannon Tindle, John Aoshima
Writer: Shannon Tindle, Marc Haimes
Stars: Christopher Sean, Rob Fukuzaki, Hiro Nakamura
Ken, a professional baseball player who rose to prominence in the American Major Leagues, brings a lot of baggage back to his home city of Tokyo, where he reluctantly takes on the role of Ultraman. Ken is a multifaceted lead character that is conceited, egotistical, and emotionally indifferent. He loves baseball over fighting Kaiju since it’s easier to understand. His lack of interest is evident as he balances his two lives while dealing with terrifying dangers, the evil Kaiju Defense Force’s demands, and the loss of his mother, who is thought to be dead. An important turning point is when a massive Kaiju escapes the KDF by stealing an enigmatic sphere. Ken tries to save the creature in the turmoil that ensues. You can watch any time latest Hollywood Movies in HD quality Online on HuraWatch Website.