Title: Sugar Season 1
Genres: 2024 Movies | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Directors: Fernando Meirelles
Writer: Mark Protosevich
Stars: Colin Farrell, Kirby, Amy Ryan
While Hideo is preparing a meal in Japan at the start of the episode, he receives a phone call from Private Investigator John Sugar informing him that he has found his money. Shortly after, Sugar knocks on the door. Hesitantly opening it, Hideo sees Sugar holding a stack of cash. Sugar refuses any reward and instead reveals a photo of Yuma Kobayashi, a missing child. Hideo denies ever seeing Yuma. Closing the door, Sugar accuses him of delivering a ransom note to Mr. Kobayashi; however, Yuma’s biological father is Masaki Hashimoto. According to Sugar, Masaki is the leader of a Tokyo crime syndicate. Hideo grabs a knife from the counter. Sugar urges Masaki to leave the country and warns that he will involve the authorities if Yuma is not returned within two hours. Enjoy streaming complete season 1 of Sugar in HD quality on Hurawatch Website.